We have Gift Vouchers available to purchase in our shop! This is a new and exciting way for us to help you choose a gift for that special person or loved one.


Our vouchers are available in £25/£50/£75 options and can be used to purchase online in our shop or on Instagram

They can also be used towards a commission, to design and manufacture the perfect item of jewellery for the lucky individual x








Buying a Pistol and Peach Gift voucher:

Click the voucher you would like, proceed to checkout and buy the voucher.

In the buyer notes could you please provide the person's name and a contact (email or phone) for them. We will the email the voucher over to you, the buyer. You can then email it along to the person or print it out for them and gift.



Receiving a Pistol and Peach Gift voucher:

If you have been gifted one of our vouchers, Feel free to browse our shop or our Instagram page, if you see something you like please let us know and we will ship it out to you x 

Another option is to have something commissioned for yourself, you can use your voucher for this or towards it depending on what you fancy. It's that easy!


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Ryan or Theresa for more info, we look forward to getting you adorned!